Therapies - Why Choose Holistic Well-being


During hypnotherapy the Therapist will guide you into a calm, safe and extremely relaxed state. This state allows your subconscious mind to reach a heightened focus and level of concentration, therefore enabling you to become more open and responsive to receiving suggestions which can help you to focus on a problem more deeply and resolve it.

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

NLP is about using language and imagined imagery to help you achieve positive change in your life – providing practical ways in which you can change the way that you think and view past events. NLP shows you how to take control of your mind, beliefs and influences, ensuring that the change in your thought processes becomes automatic, enabling you to move forward.

TFT (Thought Field Therapy)

TFT is designed to help you by reducing the symptoms of psychological trauma and distress via the method of tapping on specific (meridian) points on the body.  During TFT, the therapist will establish the core issue – you will then be asked to copy a sequence of tapping on your own body which will help to release negative energy, restoring balance and wellness.    


Life Coaching can help you to make progress and achieve greater fulfilment in your life by working on areas such as the improvement of relationships, career and day-to-day living. The therapist will spend time discussing your goals and objectives, inspiring, motivating and working with you to develop plans and strategies to take positive and meaningful action.

Law Of Attraction

The Law Of Attraction is the ability to attract whatever we desire into our lives through the power of positive thought, based on five basic principles - Ask, Believe, Feel, Action, Receive. The therapist will take time to explore and understand your current thought processes, guiding you to identify and release any limiting beliefs – whilst helping you to visualise and manifest the life you have always wanted.

Spiritual Life Coaching

Spiritual Life Coaching is focused on helping you to explore the deeper connections between yourself, your higher self and the Universe. This type of coaching can help you to gain clarity around who you truly are, your life purpose and the steps you need to take to move towards a more fulfilling and spiritual way of life. The therapist will work with you to establish your belief systems and help to guide you through your journey.

Mindful Mental Health

Positive Mental Health is a level of well-being where we can function at a satisfactory level of emotional and behavioural adjustment. Poor mental health can have an impact in all areas of your life. The Therapist will work with you in order to restore balance and promote mindful mental health through a variety of methods, exercises and practices.


  • “I felt very at ease when in session with Limara. The environment was safe and relaxing, and her approach really helped me to take to the process well. I felt happy to go under hypnosis with Limara.
    One particular emotionally traumatic event from my past was worked on, and through the stages of the hypnosis I was able to think about it in a more measured and rational manner – and there has been a very positive lasting effect on my mind about it. This was a fantastic achievement for me.
    Other healing, such as the TFT tapping and constructive, caring discussion, has been a great benefit for me too. I am grateful to Limara for her professional and nurturing help”
“Limara has a grounded, honest and caring approach, which helped me as an emotionally guarded person to relax and trust her.
Building on that trust I was open to her suggestion of trying a form of hypnosis to visit some not so pleasant memories. In one session when I was revisiting a specific moment that was challenging, she observed my struggle and quickly adapted to the moment and made some suggestions that changed my way of thinking and how to approach my personal challenges.
That was an impactful moment and I am grateful for the insight and guidance that Limara has given me”
“I had some therapy sessions with Limara and I was amazed by the end how it made me feel. It felt good to be able to know that I could achieve the happiness I wanted in my future, it gave me confidence and it really made me look at things in a different way.
I also had hypnosis during another session. I went back into my childhood and it bought me to tears but in a good way.
Limara was very calming, her voice helped me relax and I fully trusted her.
Limara also showed me some tapping techniques as I had mentioned that I suffered with anxiety. It has really helped me since our sessions to do these tapping sequences when I have felt anxious or stressed.
I would recommend Limara to anyone who requires therapy. She is amazing, very knowledgable and passionate about her work”
”I saw Limara for my coaching sessions in her professional, welcoming and rather stunning space. She made me feel at ease and was highly communicative, a natural to connect with.
Limara used a range of effective techniques relevant to what came up during the sessions including NLP and meditation practices. She was able to dip in and out of these and it felt quite an organic process.
I found her approach both motivating and insightful, promoting me to take action in areas of my life that required attention. I fully recommend Limara, especially if you are at a crossroads in life and need that little push forwards in order to achieve your desired goals”
“Limara was very respectful and clear on her intentions in helping me to pinpoint the origen of my issue.
Limara is an excellent intuitive Therapist – taking into consideration that it was a therapy session, our conversation did not feel like a ‘consultation’ of any kind. Limara connected with me in a friendly manner, making me feel like I was speaking to a long lost friend – allowing me to express myself freely.
I felt like I had an emotional block, but couldn’t pinpoint the issue. Limara helped me to find the source of this block which was focused around limiting beliefs and childhood baggage. Limara helped me to understand that a lot of the time, as an individual, I forget to give myself the love and understanding I deserve. As a child I wasn’t taught to show affection and therefore I often forget to tell myself great job, you deserve this win!”
“My coaching session with Limara really helped me to look closer at myself and my desires in life. We discussed some potential origins of deeply embedded patterns of negative and self defeating thinking, which she sensitively used to work with me to develop practical strategies for loosening their grip.
She is patient and compassionate whilst being proactive and constructively challenging. I found this combination immensely helpful in beginning to change my self perception.
Whether you are considering therapy for the first time or feeling like current therapy isn’t quite working for you, I believe you have nothing to lose and plenty gain by seeking out an introductory session with Limara, she has an exemplary way of making sure you feel at ease and sensitively helps you learn to be the best version of yourself”
“Working with Limara over the last few weeks has helped me more than I imagined it would.
Limara has helped me to overcome things I didn’t even realise I needed to focus on and given me tools to help me move forward confidently.
I feel the happiest and healthiest I have for a long time thanks to our sessions and I genuinely look forward to talking to her in a really safe and non-judgemental environment”